StradVision achieved FOUR No.1 performance in world-class tech evaluations!

Low-level Feature Learning Deep Learning StradVision's  Agile Learning
Train Fast, need reasonable amount of data Very slow, Need huge dataset Fast, need reasonable amount of data
Run Fast (Can be run @ Wearable, IOT) Slow (Need GPU) Fast (Can be run @ Wearable, IOT)
BMT result Defeated by deep learning in many BMT's Very good as follows:
Object Recognition No.1
Face Recognition No.1
Very good as follows:
Text Detection No.1 (EN & CN & Kannada)
Pedestrian Detection No.1
Debugging Doable Very difficult Offers visual debugging tool
Coding vs Data Data is need.
Requires a lot of a prior knowledge, and a lot of trial and error.
Data is everything, no prior knowledge Data is everything. No prior knowledge is required.
And yet, prior knowledge, if available,
can be naturally incorporated into learning.
Domain Detection, Recognition, Classification, Anything Detection (yet very slow), Recognition, Classification Detection, Recognition, Classification
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