Algorithm Engineer- Tech Lead (Senior)

Algorithm Engineer- Tech Lead (Senior)

Open base

Role & Responsibilities

  • Design / implement vision based Auto Valet Parking(AVP) for autonomous vehicles
  • Lead a project team  for developing  AVP perception SW
  • Cowork with CTO to investigate customer requests related to AVP



  • Knowledges in designing perception SW pipeline


  • MSc or PhD with a thesis in application for Auto Valet Parking System
  • Experience in developing visual perception for autonomous driving
  • Solid knowledge of standard software engineering
  • Good skills in C/C++ programming
  • Work experiences in the field of automotive industry


For application, please submit documents below by clicking "Apply Here" button below or sending us an email to


    1. CV
    2. Thesis (for those who have Master's degree or above.)


    Cover Letter/Project details/ Other theses.