Platform Engineer- Japan (Senior)

Platform Engineer- Japan (Senior)


Role & Responsibilities

  • Algorithm optimization & Implementation on Embedded platform
    • H/W platform containing Deep learning Accelerator & DSP : RENESAS R-Car Vision series, TI TDA series, nVidia w/GPU, etc
    • OS : Linux (yocto), RTOS
    • ARM Neon
  • Camera Capture/Preview function porting on target platform (if needed)
  • Co-Work w/ Algorithm Engineers
  • Support for setting up company Demo
  • Communication w/ Customers



  • Excellent C/C++ programming skills on embedded platform
  • Experience with multi-threading on embedded programming
  • Familiar with, but not limited to, Renesas platform (flexibility)


  • experience with image processing on embedded system (e.g. color conversion, resizing, image undistortion)
  • Knowledge and experiences in developing BSP (Board Support Package) on Linux or RTOS
  • understanding the Camera Preview/Capture Pipeline on embedded systems
  • Experience with DSP programming


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    1. CV
    2. Thesis (for those who have Master's degree or above.)


    Cover Letter/Project details/ Other theses.