SW Test Engineer

SW Test Engineer


Role & Responsibilities

  • Develop strategies to test and verify software components including software testing
  • Develop test case for unit/integration and system test level
  • Specify, implement, maintain and execute software tests
  • Feedback results of tests to development including root-cause analysis
  • Design and implement systems to automate testing activities
  • Act as expert on testability questions for software developers
  • Support in requirements engineering
  • Issues reporting and tracking till closure



  • Good Knowledge in C/C++ Language
  • Good debugging skills and good experience in embedded system (Linux, RTOS)
  • Experience in software unit testing


  • Experience with unit tests tools VectorCast/C++ (C/C++) and White Box testing techniques(Statement/branch/Decision /Boolean coverage)
  • Knowledge in unit tests and integration test with Automotive SPICE (ASPICE)
  • Knowledge in Functional Safety of Automotive Software with ISO 26262 standard
  • Experience with embedded software testing in automotive industry
  • Experience in software requirements and unit testing including software testing
  • Experience with Deep Learning, Computer Vision Algorithm
  • Experience of testing with VectorCast, Google Test


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