SW Engineer- 3D Graphic (Junior)

SW Engineer- 3D Graphic (Junior)


Role & Responsibilities

  • Design/Develop UI/UX in 3D graphics for visual based perception SW  on PC/Embedded system
  • Work with vision based perception algorithm engineers; including object detection/tracking, visual slam, road environment recognition, etc.
  • Attend meetings to collaborate with different teams to support project
  • Document guides to transfer knowledge with team members



  • 4+ years of experience in C/C++ or Java development
  • Expertise in OpenGL/ES
  • Experiences with computer vision applications
  • Broad knowledge in GUI framework including QT, GTK, Pangolin, etc.
  • Open to learning new technology
  • Communicate and work well in a team environment


  • Development experience on Linux/Embedded platform


For application, please submit documents below by clicking "Apply Here" button below or sending us an email to recruiting@stradvision.com.


    1. CV
    2. Thesis (for those who have Master's degree or above.)


    Cover Letter/Project details/ Other theses.