Integration Engineer (Junior)

Integration Engineer (Junior)


Role & Responsibilities

  • Integrating and integration testing on Windows and Linux
    • Co-work with Algorithm Engineers and Platform Engineers (TI, Renesas, NVIDIA)
  • Software release and communication with customers (included internal release)



  • Excellent C/C++ programming skills
  • Work experience and good debugging skills on cross platform, Windows and Linux
  • Work experience of software packaging and delivery
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills
  • Good analyzing skills of source code from others


  • Experience with Modularity in software
  • Experience with Multi-threading and Pipelining
  • B.S. degree in EE, ME, or CS
  • Notion on computer vision, image processing, deep learning algorithm
  • Experience of variant script language (Python, Shell)
  • Experience of Linux build system and CMake
  • Experience of Git (more preferred on rewriting history skill)
  • (Optional) Experience of Jenkins CI configuration
  • (Optional) Experience with Engineering Process Models and Tools (ASPICE, ISO26262, Agile, JIRA)


For application, please submit documents below by clicking "Apply Here" button below or sending us an email to


    1. CV
    2. Thesis (for those who have Master's degree or above.)


    Cover Letter/Project details/ Other theses.