Vision-based ADAS Validation and Verification Engineer

Vision-based ADAS Validation and Verification Engineer


Role & Responsibilities

  • Lead tasks to develop comprehensive test procedures that fully verify and validate software requirements and unit design documentation
  • Develop specification and associated tools for software validation and verification test
  • Use technical writing skills to author detailed validation and verification plan, test procedures, test cases, and related documents
  • Work with software development teams as a key stakeholder for software requirements and design documentation of advanced driver assistance feature
  • Communicate test results to development teams and management, and facilitate resolving of technical issues
  • Provide weekly metrics on test development and execution progress, as well as formal validation reports at the end of test phases
  • Identify and automate test cases to improve the automation coverage
  • Ensure failed automation test cases are promptly corrected/addressed
  • Write manual test cases for new enhancements and subsequently automate them
  • Ensure overall test coverage
  • Work closely with software engineers, project manager, and quality assurance responsible to triage reported software issues
  • Working in an Agile environment, validate task acceptance criteria to ensure they are documented and achievable. Technical knowledge of end-to-end vision software components
  • Actively participate in regular meetings including Scrum


  • Bachelor's degree in engineering, preferably in Electrical, Computer Science, or Software engineering
  • 3+ years of experience with software development and/or software testing experience.
  • 2+ years of experience (working or academic) programming in C++ and/or Python (ideally both)
  • Knowledge of testing automation/experience in test-case automation
  • Knowledge of advanced driver assistance system
  • Knowledge of automotive standard development processes such as Automotive SPICE and ISO2626 Functional Safety
  • Experience with Git, Github, Jira, Agile
  • Experience with unit testing tools
  • Excellent attention to detail and highly observational
  • Excellent written and oral communications
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize and work in an extremely fast-paced environment


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