Frontend SW Engineer

Frontend SW Engineer


Role & Responsibilities

  • Provide state-of-the-art frontend technology and tech trend about frontend module implementation
  • Design and implement frontend SW infrastructure
  • Building reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Collaborate with Back-end and MLOps developers



  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience
  • 3 years of professional software development experience
  • Experience in state-of-the-art front-end technologies and/or frontend frameworks
  • Experience in more than two programming languages including Javascript
  • Experience in the framework and libraries for visualization (such as Vue, WebGL, D3.js, and Chart.js)



  • Experiences with UI implementation using Vue or React.js
  • Experience in UI libraries such as Bootstrap, Material, Vuetify
  • Experience in Canvas libraries such as Konva.js, Svg.js
  • Familiarity with the whole web stack, including protocols (such as HTTP, REST) and web server optimization techniques
  • Understanding of the principles of accessibility and can build products that are accessible to users with disabilities
  • Good sense of web design and attuned to the fundamentals of user experience


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    Cover Letter/Project details/ Other theses.