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Light, modular, and powerful perception algorithm already deployed in millions around the world from level 2 to 4 automation.

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By automating 97% of data annotation, our clients can aggressively scale up their data management capabilities while drastically improving the bottom line.


Founded 2014 by perception specialists from South Korea, StradVision's goal is to bring powerful and safe ADAS & self-driving technology to the masses. StradVision's tried and true solutions are already deployed on the streets around the world and millions of vehicles are planned to be added in the very near future.



October 19, 2020
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January 20, 2020

IPIU 2020

StradVision will exhibit and participate in various seminars at the 32nd Workshop on Image Processing and Image Understanding (IPIU) in Jeju, South Korea. The prestigious scholarly event will be attended by StradVision's perception engineers to both networks and to reflect on various ideas in the perception field. Should you have any quetsions or want to meet with us at IPIU in Korea, please send us an email at Thanks!

January 20, 2020

Bosch Connected World

StradVision Europe will participate in Bosch Connected World in 2020 to check out the latest advancements in IoT and digital transformation and to identify novel strategies, best practices, and instructive case studies relating to IoT-driven products, services, and solutions. Should you want to meet us at BCW, please contact us at Thanks!


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StradVision's perception technology enables vehicles to recognize images in and out of the car, bringing about the advent of self-driving for the masses.