StradVision and Vueron Technology, Korea’s Leaders of AV Camera and Lidar Perception Technology, Partner to Create ‘Sensor Fusion’

Collaboration will provide vehicles with a higher level of object recognition technology by combining StradVision’s AI-based camera recognition software ‘SVNet’ and Vueron Technology’s lidar perception solution ‘View.One’  

StradVision, a pioneer in AI-based vision processing technology for Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS systems, today announced that it will introduce ‘Sensor Fusion’, a groundbreaking perception technology with significant precision improvement compared to existing technology, through a collaboration with Vueron Technology, a leading South Korean provider of Lidar perception software and autonomous driving technology. 

This technology is powered by StradVision’s AI-based camera perception software ‘SVNet’ and Vueron Technology’s Lidar -based perception solution ‘View.One’. Working together, the two companies plan to deliver industry-leading ‘Sensor Fusion’ technology to the global automotive industry. This next-generation solution combines the camera’s advantages in object classification and lane detection with Lidar’s advantages in object detection and velocity prediction.  
“We are excited to announce our collaboration with Vueron Technology for this innovative technology that is highly anticipated in the automobile industry. We believe that ‘Sensor Fusion’ can dramatically improve the limitations of the existing perception technology. We will work closely to prove our technology and provide the most advanced solutions to the automotive industry”, said Junhwan Kim, CEO of StradVision.  

‘Sensor Fusion’ is a technology that combines the versatility of a camera — which identifies information about objects such as shape and color — with the precision of Lidar that measures the distance to an object with a margin of error within a few millimeters. By integrating the image data of objects collected through the camera, with the 3D point cloud drawn by the Lidar sensor, the combined technologies recognize the surrounding environment more precisely than existing single sensor-based solutions. 

Joseph Kim, CEO of Vueron Technology, said, “in the midst of intensifying global competition in the autonomous-driving industry, we expect to show meaningful results in the global autonomous-driving market with competitive technology by collaborating with partners who are experts in their respective fields.” He added, “We will be able to show a next-level technology by upgrading technologies of both companies through collaboration.” 

StradVision’s SVNet is a lightweight software that relies on deep learning-based perception algorithms, which is more compact and requires dramatically less memory and electricity to run than its competitors. SVNet supports more than 14 hardware platforms and can also be customized and optimized for any other hardware system thanks to StradVision’s patented and cutting-edge Deep Neural Network-enabled technology.  

Founded in 2019, Vueron Technology offers ‘View.One,’ a Lidar perception solution for autonomous driving. Based on a self-developed cognition algorithm, ‘View.One’ recognizes objects quickly and shows advanced object-recognition capability in an embedded environment, offering superb system stability and compatibility and a cognition solution optimized for the needs of diverse clients. 

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