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已适用于 2 级 ADAS 至 4 级无人驾驶车辆,并开始批量生产 可轻便算法在各种硬件发挥高性能

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StradVision 于 2014 年成立,目标开发更准确、更安全的 ADAS 级无人驾驶技术并实现技术的大众化。StradVision已经推向全球,预计在不久的将来将应用于数百万辆的车辆之上。

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4月 9, 2021
POSTED BY StradVision


10月 12号

ATC Science Fair

StradVision will exhibit at the Autotech Council Science Fair this year.

10月 5号 ~ 9号

GTC 2020

Kukhyun Cho, Platform engineer at StradVision is present “SVNet-SVM: SVM Running with Multiple SVNet Networks” at GTC 2020.

9月 15号 ~ 17号

AutoSens Brussels

StradVision will exhibit at AutoSens Brussels this year. Meet us virtually at


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    StradVision's perception technology enables vehicles to recognize images in and out of the car, bringing about the advent of self-driving for the masses.