The StradVision team is passionate about ADAS and the role of artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles. Each day, we strive towards building an enhanced future where vehicles provide the foundation for safer roads, smarter decisions, and better business partnerships.

The Stradvision team has a strong knowledge of applicable technology: core engineers have worked on various hardware platforms at Intel, and six many engineers hail from previous positions at Olaworks, where they worked with several smartphone OEMs.

Everything under StradVision’s hood, from its robust algorithm to optimization potentialities for embedded hardware, is continuously reviewed and refined by the expert engineers responsible for its initial groundbreaking development.

We’re immensely proud of our technical team, all of whom cut their teeth with significant industry leaders. Our partners, affiliates, and shareholders include TechAhead, HDTP, and Hyundai Motor Company. Together, we’re working towards building a sustainable future, with vehicles at the forefront of the economy.